wrbc_youth_monclub_smlThere is always something great to look forward to at the end of term at Monday Club. Last night it was a ramble & chips. As a helper at Monday Club I offered to go along as an extra pair of eyes.  After all it was bound to be a meander followed by some gorgeous chips in the evening sunshine. Wasn’t it?

Watching the weather all day it looked like plan B would be needed and the warm dry church beckoned.  However, as the evening drew the sun shone as 25 excited children from school years 3 to 6 met at the chippy along with 7 helpers.

Led by Denise we were whisked off on, yes you guessed it, an actual ramble and not a meander!walk

As Denise and the main pack drifted away, the less fit of us or the children who were too busy chattering lagged behind followed by Sally who had the tough job of keeping us all together.  Needless to say we were soon off the road and in to the peacefulness of the woods in part of Dob Park, one of Hucknall’s best kept secrets and a beautiful nature reserve.

Through mud and kissing gates we emerged at the bottom of the Misk Hills ready for the final push knowing that from the top we would be able to see the chip shop with our waiting chips.  After all ‘an army marches on its stomach’ and the vision and promise that we would soon be there spurred us on quietly and carefully navigating the cows and their calves and the big white bull that seemed to enjoy staring at us looking like it could charge at any minute! Shhhhhh!

Ramble rainbowWe made it and just as we arrived at the chip shop, collected our chips and sat on our picnic rugs, the heavens opened and we got wet.  Very wet!  But all was well because as the sun re emerged it left a triple rainbow which was beautiful and made eating soggy chips worthwhile!

A great ramble with some fantastic children.  Thanks Monday Club!

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