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When I was completing my training to enter church leadership ministry, I was at a college, Spurgeon’s, where preaching was emphasised. There was a weekly ritual called sermon class. Each student underwent it twice before the whole college, including all the teaching staff arrayed in their academic gowns.  After the service you were […]


REJECTED – NAZARETH     Teaching & Reflection on Matthew 13:54-58; Luke 4:16-30

We follow someone who was rejected – brutally so. We’re familiar with Isaiah 53:3 – ‘he was despised and rejected.’ There’s a high probability at some point we also will face feelings of rejection. It was certainly so for the early Christian communities. They would […]


TEMPTED – WILDERNESS                                                                               Reflections on Matthew 4:1-11       

If there’s a secret to living the Christian life, it’s not found in us – our resolve, determination, or our choices. Rather it’s about whether in our various experiences of life, we link what we’re going through with Jesus. In other words it’s about identification. This is […]

Giving & Receiving – Ministry

GIVING & RECEIVING – MINISTRY                                        1 Corinthians 12

We’ve been looking at what I call the habits of our heart we need to cultivate if our life together is to grow. And with today’s habit, this short series comes to an end. Empathy – our first habit – draws us together. Forgiveness – the […]

Hurt & Healed? – Forgiveness

MATTHEW 18:21-35              


Forgiveness is the second habit of heart necessary for the growth of a healthy community. As a magnet has a pole that attracts and another that repels, so in community, if empathy is the first habit drawing us together, and forgiveness, is the habit which overcomes our […]

Weeping & rejoicing – empathy

ROMANS 12:15-16 & MATTHEW 9:35-38                                                             

I can remember discovering the word ‘empathy’ as a young teenager and being struck by its difference from ‘sympathy.’ It’s not […]