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Why we divide

Reflections on 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

If we’re going to get it together we need a vision of togetherness – where we started last week. But we also need to know how things go wrong in human communities and fall apart. In other words we need to ask why we divide. And this passage, written about twenty […]

Fellowship of the Broken

The third in our series “All Together Now” looking at God’s Church as the community where we learn to get it together as disciples.

Stephen looks at 1 John 1 as he investigates the Fellowship of the Broken


Why We Divide

This week Stephen looks at 1 Corintians 1:10-17 and asks why we divide?

This is the second in our series “All Together Now”


Imagining togetherness

Surely if there were an issue of our time it would be this! Wouldn’t it? Daily, we’re bombarded with issues of fragmentation and conflict. Talk about nations or ideologies, it’s conflict and fragmentation. Turn to in the UK with its competing agendas and desire to rubbish those bad ‘them’ over against the solely wise ‘us’. […]


The first in a brand new series about relationships within God’s Family – All Together Now.  This week Stephen helps us to imagine togetherness as we look into Ephesians 1.


Declaring Peace Aloud – Christmas 2014

The whole service recording of the 2014 Carol Service featuring Drama, Music, Readings and Video footage with message by Stephen Ibbotson.


Is there Room in the Stable?

The Hub Christmas service looks at the amazing events when God came to earth, born as a baby on Christmas Day.


The Peaceful Servant

In a change to our scheduled service… David G Firth takes a look at God’s plan to save the world – and it starts right back in the old testament.


Imagining Peace

The second Sunday in Advent sees us “Imagining Peace”, as Stephen looks at Micah 4:1-5.


Give Peace a Chance – Preparing for peace

During Advent we wait for the coming of Christ again. Since his first ‘advent’ – a word meaning ‘coming’ – Jesus opened the door to the presence of God in our lives. This year we’ll think about the peace Christ brings to our conflicted world.  Jesus said, ‘Blessed are peacemakers for they shall be called […]