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Preparing for Peace

For Advent this year we are focussing on the God who brings peace.  All we are saying is give peace a chance!

This week Stephen looks at Psalm 120 as he takes us through “Preparing for Peace”


The Leading Question

This teaching was given as part of the preparation for considering who may be called to become the lead minister of Watnall Road Baptist Church, when Stephen retires some time in 2016

Feelings today about leadership are complex. Reflect for a few moments how tough it is to be a political leader in the current atmosphere. […]

A Question Of Leadership

Just what do we need in a church leader?  What qualities make a good leader – or is it more than that?

This week Stephen takes a look at leadership as we begin to consider the future of our leadership at WRBC.


The Father-Heart of God

The third Sunday in each month is our ‘Hub’ service suitable for all ages.
This week Jamie, Sally and the WRBC worship team take a look at the Father-Heart of God.
(oh and there was a bit of Finding Nemo too!)


Dying to Meet You

We conclude our series on daily life issues as Stephen helps us to think about death.


You can read more about it by heading to ‘Soul Food – A Ministers Blog’ or by clicking the link




Dying to meet you

I’m grateful ministry has regularly involved me in accompanying those who are dying and bereaved. This has confronted me with my own mortality. This began in my early twenties when – as part of my training – I attended a course at St Christopher’s hospice in South London where the pioneering work for the terminally […]

Growing old gracefully. What chance?!

We’re all doing it. We’ve little control of it. We celebrate it at key points with increasing relish. You can get surgery to help with it. But ultimately you can’t avoid it. Ageing! And in all my years of ministry I’ve never preached on it. That’s interesting in itself. Why don’t we hear more about […]

Growing Old Gracefully

This week Stephen takes a look at the two ages of life, and growing old gracefully. Click here to read the teaching


All in a day’s work

What is work? If you head south out of Manchester you’re guided on to the M56. You then take a short link road between that motorway and the M6 before heading south. It’s a heavily used road of two lanes each way without central reservation. There’s been talk of upgrading it for 30 years. In […]

All in a Day’s Work

This week our series “Downloading Daily Issues” focuses on the world of work.

Join Stephen as he takes a look at what the bible has to say about work.