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The inspiring One

Teaching and reflection on Exodus 35:30-36:7
One of the great difficulties with which we struggle is imagining life any differently from the way we experience it now. Does anything really change? Does the world as a whole ever truly change or is it a matter of the same old pattern? Or at a personal level we […]

Getting into shape

So if God is the Potter and we are the clay – what does that look like in our lives?
This is the question we explored last Sunday in The Hub. We made some clay models, shared breakfast and then considered together whether we are willing to let God shape our lives. We recognised with joy […]

Leather on willow

The pleasant sound of leather on willow – a picnic – a little dodging of drizzle. But nothing dampened the spirits.

Not even a rather bad defeat. Well…there’s always next year lads!

Gospel celebration

Well you’d expect church to celebrate the gospel wouldn’t you?! But we had a different kind of celebration on Wednesday 18 June when about 280 gathered to celebrate our friend and longstanding member, Geoff Gospel.
It was a service many will long remember – possibly for the rest of their lives. Beginning with the moving strains […]

Future gazing

A day to remember? Saturday 14th June could turn out to be an important day in the development of Watnall Road Baptist Church. Around 80 plus children gathered to consider possible futures of the church. It was a time to explore next steps on the road to be effectively engaged as a church in serving […]

The creative One

Teaching & reflection on Genesis 1:2
Have you ever doubted everything you’ve been brought up to believe about God and Jesus? I went through such a time of doubt in my late teens. But as I was coming through it, I realised the world becomes a different place dependent on what you believe lies at the […]

The promised One

Teaching & reflection on Joel 2:28-29
To say, ‘Things are always changing’, is to utter a truism. But to say, things are always changing but the world stays the same, is to prize open a mystery! On the surface of things, it’s all change. But beneath the surface nothing much changes. It’s the same old story: […]

Prayer images – Hands up

Teaching & reflections on Exodus 17:8-16
Imagine yourself as a new Christian who’s never been brought up to read or understand the bible. Some months ago you were drawn to Jesus, the prince of peace. In a profound way he spoke into your sense of dis-ease and you came to understand his life, his death and […]

Prayer Images – Wrestling

Teaching and Reflection on Genesis 32:22-32
Jacob’s first prayer lesson and ours is that prayer is about the Presence. It is an awakening to the presence of God. And a crucial understanding we underlined in Genesis 28 is that when an Israelite or Jew read about Jacob, they were not merely reading about an individual character […]

Prayer images – Presence

Teaching & reflection on Genesis 28:10-22
I want to start this short series, which I hope will expand our understanding of prayer, not with the passage itself, but with Paul’s fascinating vision in 1 Corinthians 14. He’s talking about how a Christian community is to conduct its life of worship. It’s not to be a self-indulgent […]