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I’m Special and so are you!

So can a story written for children take us into a truth about God?
Last Sunday in The Hub we shared the story ‘You are special’ by Max Lucado. We heard the story of Punchinello, the little wooden person who had been given so many grey dots by other wooden people that he had come […]

I’m Special

We join Sally, Jamie and the team for our monthly all-age service – The Hub, to talk of Wemmicks and why it is only important what God thinks – and He thinks you are special.

With worship lead by Rachel, this is a whole service recording


Friends, enemies and angels

I was in the old Deanery opposite Ripon Cathedral a few days ago. It was a family occasion and I was in conversation with a guy talking about his work. It ended with one of contemporary life’s truisms: ‘You’ve got to look after number 1 and those you love. That’s all you can do.’ We […]

Friends, Enemies & Angels

We join Stephen for the fifth in our current series “Downloading Daily Issues”.


Family fortunes

Leo Tolstoy famously begins his great novel Anna Karenina with this oft quoted line: ‘All happy families resemble each other; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ It’s a brilliant insight. There is a fundamental simplicity and consistency in healthy and happy family life. However unhappiness in family life takes endlessly varied and […]

Family Fortunes

No not the ITV series – we join Stephen Ibbotson as he takes a look at family life today.


The Hub – Let Your Light Shine

>The HUB is our service for all ages – Sharing Life:Exploring Together.
We join Sally, Jamie and the WRBC Worship Team in celebrating Harvest.


Money! money! money!

Money. It’s one of those things that, if you ask almost anyone if they’d like a bit more, then the answer is the same. Even footballers earning massive amounts each week still seem to want more, however much they also seem to want trophies. After all, most people find that the money they would like […]

Money! Money! Money!

David G Firth brings us a message about Money in the third of our series “Downloading Daily Issues”.


On being enough

‘It’s enough. I have enough. I am enough. Life is enough. With all my heart I thank you.’
Jo Leddy
So often like Martha, we find ourselves worried and distracted by many things (Luke 10:41).  Life demands much of  us.

We are complex beings driven by many motives, some good and some not so good as we seek […]