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Nature Watch

This week we begin a short Summer series looking at the life of Jacob.  Today – Nature Watch.


How God Binds up the Broken-Hearted

This week Simon takes us through Psalm 147 and asks how God binds up the broken-hearted.



The last sermon in our series ‘Who do we think we are’, in which we’ve been thinking about how to return to the radical roots we have as a Baptist Church. We are ending in style by looking at Jesus’ command for us to go out, spread the gospel, baptise new believers and make disciples.



This week we return to our series ‘Who do we think we are?’ In which we have been looking at the principles that shape the way that we live together as a Church Family.

This Sunday we will be affirming the fact that every member has a part to play to enable us to be ‘hope […]


Believing is Seeing (including Baptisms)

As we celebrate the new life we have, through Christ, in this baptismal service Simon will be taking us back to the point where this begins – faith in Jesus.


The Royal Family

The New Testament tells us that we are ‘a Royal Priesthood … God’s own people’ (1 Peter 2.9). We are under the authority of the King of Kings and he has called us to live as his family and share his love with the people around us.

This week Simon takes a look at what Paul […]


The Fellowship of the King

Who is in charge of our Church? Jesus!

As we continue look at our radical Baptist roots we look at Colossians 1:15-20 to see how we are ‘the fellowship of the King’.

Something to Declare!
Since we are looking at our roots, as a Baptist Church, it would be valuable to remind ourselves of the ‘Declaration of Principles’ […]


Roots and Fruit

Our guest speaker, Tim Manders, takes a look at Joshua 1:1-9.

What does the bible say about the bible?

How should we read the bible?

“Encourage one another, and build one another up”


Partnership – Our Life Together

To find out all about WRBC, and the work we do in the local community please take a look at our Annual Report.

Bread for the Body

Today we continue our series on Exploring our Spiritual DNA by looking at Bread for the Body – Understanding the Lord’s Supper.