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Helpless not Hopeless

When we have faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour, we may feel helpless at times, but we are never without hope.

The widow in Zarapheth (1 Kings 17:17:24) felt both helpless and without hope.  God, through Elijah restored her hope and healed her son – if God can do this – what hope do […]


Compassion of God

We continue our series Breaking the Darkness following the story of the prophet Elijah.

This week we look at how God provided for Elijah by bringing him out of hiding and using him to shower compassion upon a widow in Zarapheth. (1 Kings 17:8-16)


Journey to the Centre

The first in our brand new series – Breaking the Darkness.

It’s not always easy to find what God wants us to do in the circumstances we face.  We begin our new series by tracking Elijah’s journey to the centre of God’s will and take encouragement from the way that God leads him one step at […]


God’s Timing

This week Simon and Mark lead our Hub service.

We look at time – God’s perfect timing!  And is today the right time for you?


Pig and Chicken

This week we welcome Vanessa Hollingworth as our guest speaker – she and Simon have ‘swapped pulpit’ for this week.

What is it about the account of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22, that parallels the tale of Pig and Chicken?  And what does this mean for us?


In Step With the Spirit

The final part in our series Moving On takes us into the birth of the Church at Antioch – it was here that the believers were first called “Christians”.  Simon takes us through Acts 11 as we look at what it means to be God’s kingdom in our community.


Toilet Matters

So what does our faith in Jesus have to do with toilets?

Is there a link between cleanliness and Godliness?

In this month’s HUB, Sally, Jo and the WRBC worship team explore the work of Toilet Twinning since our church facilities have recently been twinned.  The money donated is used to provide sanitation and public health information and […]


When the Spirit Comes

Acts 2:1-13 describes what happened on the first Pentecost.

Simon takes us through the events of that ground-breaking day and explains the significance of what is described in that great chapter, encouraging us to experience the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives.


Sharing Faith in Today’s Context

This week we welcome Neil O’Boyde as our guest speaker.

Neil is the Director of British Youth for Christ and speaks to us about sharing our faith – a task some of us find increasingly difficult in our schools, workplaces and the communities where we live and work.


Wait and See…!

Most of us aren’t very good at waiting – we get impatient or frustrated.

In The Hub this week, Sally helps us to learn more about what it means to wait, and where God is in our waiting.


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