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I’m In

Simon looks at 1 Corinthians 16:1-11 and helps us to consider how we can be a part of the vision to be living for God’s Kingdom in our Community.  With a healthy dose of reflection over the past twelve months through the launch of our Annual Report we also look forward to what God will be […]


The Dream Team

How can we identify and use our gifts?

There are many lists of gifts and fruit of the spirit throughout the Bible.  Today Simon takes us to Romans 12 as we seek to be the Dream Team for building God’s Kingdom in our Community.


Light Breaks In [Easter 2017]


The light has overcome the darkness – and the darkness can never defeat it!

We join Sally, Simon and the team to celebrate the light of Jesus breaking in.

Happy Easter!


this is a whole service recording


The Beginning of the End

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it – certainly the events that lead from this point are…

But today Simon takes us through the washing of Jesus feet in perfume as told in Mark 14:1-11 and we take a look at a small act but one with eternal significance.


Peaceful Living in the Midst of the Storm

This week our guest speaker, David Whitmarsh, CEO of The Lodge Christian Trust in Rutland joins us to look at Daniel 2:1-16 and how we can learn to be peaceful in the midst of a crisis.

In the words of Corporal Jones, “Don’t Panic!”


The Hope of the World

It was Bill Hybels who said, “the local church is the hope of the world.”  In the next of our series, Moving On, Simon helps guides us to think about how acts 2:42-47 can help us to be a beacon of hope.


Heaven Scent

Paul said to let the fragrance of Jesus spread and infuse the air – but what exactly does that mean?

At our all-age service The Hub Sally and Jo help us to understand about Heaven Scent.


this is a whole service recording


The Church Has Left The Building

In the second in our series Moving On this week Simon looks at Matthew 28:16-20 – The Church Has Left The Building.

Jesus commanded us to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ and He equips us to do just that.


A Place for Everyone

This week we welcome Ruth Rice as our guest speaker.

Ruth is the founder of which is an extension to café space bringing the Church directly to people.  Ruth takes us through Luke 10 and Jesus instructions to go to the towns and tell everyone.


How Wonderful to be a part of God’s Amazing Plan

The story of Gideon is all about putting trust in God in spite of everything.

So in today’s Hub Sally and Mark ask who do you put your trust in?  And we find out how wonderful it is to be a part of God’s amazing plan.


This is a whole service recording