Life Story

Shanes’ Story

My first encounter with drink was almost a full bottle of gin. I was twelve. It was the school holidays and I was attending a three day cricket coaching clinic.
On the last morning some older friends arrived and asked if we had any alcohol at home. I succumbed to the peer pressure and ended up […]

Chris’ Story

I have never felt any real conflict between scientific research and following Jesus. I find both are aiming to find true answers and to avoid trivia and deception. I became a Christian under the ministry of a church leader who had been a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy in the War protecting north Atlantic convoys.  From […]

Rachel’s Story

Between the ages of 0-23, I came close to dying five times. Once I fell forty feet out of a tree but only fractured three vertebras; there was not a bruise on my body!
I remember the doctor looking rather shocked that I was alive, let alone, able to walk. Many thought an angel must have broken […]

Phil’s Story

As a child I felt forced to go to church. Sometimes I went kicking and screaming! At about 13 I told my parents I didn’t believe in God.
I wanted to rebel against them, and so I hung out with my friends. Most of us smoked and we would drink as much and as often as […]

Dave’s Story

Growing up I never knew anything about Christianity or the Church. I believed ‘normal’ people didn’t go to church; it was just for ‘religious’ people. I was brought up in Hackney (London), in a working class house which didn’t do God or anything like that. The only thing which I worshipped was my football team!
At […]

Rachel’s Story

Life was very comfortable – but I now realise that it only takes one event to turn your entire world upside down!
It was during a summer holiday, we received news mum had experienced a severe cerebral haemorrhage. She had collapsed in hospital car park whilst visiting a relative. The outlook was not good. When dad, […]