Touring our Future!

Touring our future?

We want to serve and share! Our commitment to this pathway was renewed in 2010: to serve Hucknall and share something of the many blessings we’ve discovered through faith in Jesus Christ. Last year (2014) we decided to explore two things that may be involved in doing this: resourcing ministry amongst the growing […]

Spirit Living – A Model

The fifth part of our series This Strange Power takes us to the example of Stephen being lead by the Spirit in Acts 6 and 7.


Movie Night!

On Thursday night we had a movie night for the Explore young people and their families.

It was great to be able to welcome new members of families who we had not met before and to also allow parents to have a movie night as well. We ate popcorn and really enjoyed How to train your […]

Action Team Week

Last week we had a visit from The BMS Action Team in Mozambique. We welcomed Stephen, Ben and Rachel to Hucknall for a busy week of activities including Mozambique comes to Monday Club, as series of lessons at The National Academy and Linby-cum-Papplewick Primary schools, a talk given to the Rotary Club, as well as […]

‘A Ramble’, they said…

There is always something great to look forward to at the end of term at Monday Club. Last night it was a ramble & chips. As a helper at Monday Club I offered to go along as an extra pair of eyes.  After all it was bound to be a meander followed by some gorgeous […]

Phew it is finished…

It really is a piece of work which starts in January time and ends in a rush by the Annual General Meeting!  I am of course talking about the Annual Report or ‘Partnership’ – ‘Our life together’ as it is called this year.
Requesting photos and then sending proformas with this years’ questions and waiting for them […]

Easter Bake-off success!

Flour, icing sugar and corn flakes flying around the kitchen as many people entered WRBC’s Easter Bake-off for BMS NightLight.
At 10am on Saturday 12th April keen bakers and unsure bakers entered the Easter Bake-off at Watnall Road Baptist Church. With 2 very willing judges Lindsey and Caitlin who had the arduous task of tasting them all […]

All things Lego

At Explore we had Dave Gregory come and talk to the young people. He used his vast knowledge of all things Lego and Lego itself to engage with the young people creatively.
Throughout the evening Dave challenged the young people to ‘construct God’ and Easter through Lego (their perception of both). Towards the end they were challenged […]


The first in a brand new series about relationships within God’s Family – All Together Now.  This week Stephen helps us to imagine togetherness as we look into Ephesians 1.


Give Peace a Chance – Preparing for peace

During Advent we wait for the coming of Christ again. Since his first ‘advent’ – a word meaning ‘coming’ – Jesus opened the door to the presence of God in our lives. This year we’ll think about the peace Christ brings to our conflicted world.  Jesus said, ‘Blessed are peacemakers for they shall be called […]