Growing old gracefully. What chance?!

We’re all doing it. We’ve little control of it. We celebrate it at key points with increasing relish. You can get surgery to help with it. But ultimately you can’t avoid it. Ageing! And in all my years of ministry I’ve never preached on it. That’s interesting in itself. Why don’t we hear more about […]

I’m Special and so are you!

So can a story written for children take us into a truth about God?
Last Sunday in The Hub we shared the story ‘You are special’ by Max Lucado. We heard the story of Punchinello, the little wooden person who had been given so many grey dots by other wooden people that he had come […]

On being enough

‘It’s enough. I have enough. I am enough. Life is enough. With all my heart I thank you.’
Jo Leddy
So often like Martha, we find ourselves worried and distracted by many things (Luke 10:41).  Life demands much of  us.

We are complex beings driven by many motives, some good and some not so good as we seek […]

In Safe Hands

For many of us life is about being able to stand on our own two feet….but is this the way it is meant to be?
This week in The Hub we thought about all the ups and downs of life and the situations and people that we care about.

We had the opportunity to trust those things […]

Shanes’ Story

My first encounter with drink was almost a full bottle of gin. I was twelve. It was the school holidays and I was attending a three day cricket coaching clinic.
On the last morning some older friends arrived and asked if we had any alcohol at home. I succumbed to the peer pressure and ended up […]

Building Bridges!

Refresh – For ladies.
We had a great time on Saturday evening and it was lovely to see some new faces at Refresh! Fun and rivalry building spaghetti and marshmallow towers then a quick fire round of Catchphrase!
The evening was entitled building bridges and the short word for the night detailed the importance of us working […]

Moving Home

On Sunday the children in Whizzkids were beginning to learn about Abraham as a man who trusted in God.
We learnt about how Abraham led his family and servants away from their home and set up camp in the desert as they journeyed to the place God was sending them.
So….we set up camp and imagined what […]

Getting into shape

So if God is the Potter and we are the clay – what does that look like in our lives?
This is the question we explored last Sunday in The Hub. We made some clay models, shared breakfast and then considered together whether we are willing to let God shape our lives. We recognised with joy […]

Leather on willow

The pleasant sound of leather on willow – a picnic – a little dodging of drizzle. But nothing dampened the spirits.

Not even a rather bad defeat. Well…there’s always next year lads!

Gospel celebration

Well you’d expect church to celebrate the gospel wouldn’t you?! But we had a different kind of celebration on Wednesday 18 June when about 280 gathered to celebrate our friend and longstanding member, Geoff Gospel.
It was a service many will long remember – possibly for the rest of their lives. Beginning with the moving strains […]