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War is Over … if you want it

This Sunday we mark the day when the guns of World War One fell silent. We will be observing an act of remembrance at 11 AM.

The Bible recognises the reality of war. But it does not accept that war is desirable or normal. Peace is the promised new reality. In Revelation 21.3-5 John sees a […]


Body Building

Ephesians is God’s blueprint for the church and throughout this series we have been looking at how the apostle Paul taught what the church should be like.  This week Simon guides us through building the up the body – Ephesians 4:1-17.


The Power of One

This week Simon continues our look at Ephesians and God’s plan for the church looking at Ephesians 4:1-6 focusing on The Power of One.


The Power of Love

Part four of our series Blueprint: God’s Plan for the Church looks at the Power of Love.

Simon takes us through Ephesians 3:14-21


God the Builder

The second part of our Autumn series on Blueprint: God’s Plan for the Church.

Did you know the church isn’t a castle?  It isn’t a grand palace!  It isn’t even a building?

God’s church is the people.  The body who meet to worship Him – and we’re all still in development.  In fact, the church is more like […]


God at Work

The first in a new series Blueprint: God’s Plan for the Church.

Simon takes us through Ephesians 2 – God at Work


The Man with the Measuring Line

Can you measure God’s love?

Can you measure the Kingdom?

This week we welcome Hugh Hill as our visiting speaker and we look at Zechariah and The man with the measuring line.


Be Careful Out There

In the last part of our summer series on Judges we look at the account of Samson – a well known story to many.

Simon takes us through how Samson took his eyes off of God and what that meant, we are reminded to keep our eyes fixed on God, look out for things that will […]


The Let Down

The fifth part in our summer series “Dare to be a Difference Maker” looks at Judges 14.


The Lady with No Name

The fourth part of our summer series on Judges looks at the birth of Samson in Judges 13.

Simon takes a look at the faith of Samson’s mother – the lady with no name.