Listen back to any of the worship services from Hucknall’s Watnall Road Baptist Church.


The final part in our mini-series Mission Possible reminds us that we are God’s witnesses.  Our lives – everything we say and do is a witness to Jesus.


Evangelism: It takes a Church

The second part of our mini-series Mission Possible.  Evangelism is not something everyone feels they can be directly involved in, but everybody – the whole church should be involved.


Connecting People to Jesus

The first in our mini-series Mission Possible takes a look at God’s plan for the church – connecting people to Jesus.  Simon takes us through Phillip meeting with the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26-40.


Let it Go

We are graduating from The School of Hard Knocks where we have been for the past few months.

In Genesis 33 we see the long-running feud between Jacob and Esau finally come to an end – let it go – forgive and be forgiven.


Final Destination

This Sunday Simon continues with his series ‘The School of Hard Knocks’, about Jacob.  Today he looks at Genesis 32:10-22 and considers Jacob’s extraordinary meeting with God.


Jesus, Up Close & Personal

This week we look at Mark 2:1-12 – Jesus, Up Close & Personal

We also welcomed Mhairi and James through the waters of baptism.


The Down To Earth God

The latest part of our summer series The School of Hard Knocks: Life Lessons from Jacob looks at the down to Earth God.  Jacob worked for seven years to marry Rachel, but he was required to marry Leah.  God is interested in the detail and blesses Leah with children – God is interested in the detail in […]


Rip it Up & Start Again

The third part of our Summer Series The School of Hard Knocks – Life Lessons from Jacob.

This week Simon takes a look at Genesis 32:22-32.


God Works All Things For Our Good

The second part in our Summer series School of Hard Knocks looking at what we can learn from the life of Jacob.  This week we consider how God makes all things work together for our good.


BMS World Mission

Our guest speaker this week, is our BMS link mission worker, Joy Ransom who has been teaching and working in Nepal.  In the autumn she will return but to a new role, in a new area, facing new challenges.

She tells us a little about her work and the God who inspires and provides for her.