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Prayer Images – Wrestling

Teaching and Reflection on Genesis 32:22-32
Jacob’s first prayer lesson and ours is that prayer is about the Presence. It is an awakening to the presence of God. And a crucial understanding we underlined in Genesis 28 is that when an Israelite or Jew read about Jacob, they were not merely reading about an individual character […]

Prayer images – Presence

Teaching & reflection on Genesis 28:10-22
I want to start this short series, which I hope will expand our understanding of prayer, not with the passage itself, but with Paul’s fascinating vision in 1 Corinthians 14. He’s talking about how a Christian community is to conduct its life of worship. It’s not to be a self-indulgent […]

Close encounters

Teaching and reflection on John 20:19-29 with David Firth
Sequels are all the rage. Publishers look for books where we can continue to follow a character – commonly enough in detective fiction until everyone starts to reach the point of wondering why one person encounters so much death brought about in such diabolical ways. Put simply, […]

The New Creation

 Teaching & reflection on John 20:1-18
Today we remember the power that raised Jesus from death and so vindicated him and his ministry. But Easter is more than remembering this amazing event. It’s also about living differently. This becomes clear in John’s account of the resurrection. The give-away is in his first phrase, ‘the first day […]

The Way

Teaching and reflection material on John 14:1-14

Final words have great significance. My mother’s last words to me were: ‘I hope so’. With that she slipped into a coma from which she never recovered. She’d been failing fast, and the last in a series of 500 mile round trips visiting my mother was underway. My mother […]

The Failure

Teaching and reflection material on John 13:18 – 38
Sometimes, we can know something so well that we somehow stop knowing what it means. Familiarity, as they say, breeds contempt. I’m not wishing to suggest that this is true for the whole of this passage, but as it builds to Jesus’ famous words about the new […]

The Washing

Teaching & reflection material on John 13:1-17
We have all heard the phrase, concerning those must-places-to-visit, those must-do-experiences, and must-see-things: ‘One hundred things to do before you die’. Well Jesus has his own one thing to do before he dies
‘One thing to do before I die’ 1-5
John sets the scene for Jesus’ famous but subversive action […]

The anointing

Teaching & reflections material on John 12:1-11
God has always needed supple people and supple communities that bend and respond to the forces of change in any society. We must bend but not be moved from our place of truth and conviction. Such is the power of the forces of change in our society, it is […]

This is the Life! – The fall

Teaching & reflection material based on John 12:12-33
As we enter Lent this year, we will inhabit the last days of Jesus as told by John. And the passage for today is normally reserved for the final Sunday in Lent (Palm Sunday so called for obvious reasons). I chose this as a starting point for our […]

Learning to sit in a different chair

I had sat in the same chair before. Then I faced someone wracked with pain. It was hard just to watch someone so distressed and weigh down by this consistent pain. I tracked the story of how it developed from the time the dreadful condition had engulfed her over a space of a short period. […]