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One day – a welcoming world!

Teaching & reflection material based on Revelation 21 & 22:17
How do you view the future – your own and that of the world? As we grow older and are no longer building our own life story – we may have plateaued in our careers and the rearing of the family is a job done, as […]

Quick to listen

Teaching & reflection material based on James 1:19-20 & Mark 4:1-20
‘Quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry’ are the pithy words of James – the half-brother of Jesus. He was writing to a community struggling to keep it together (see chapter 4 for the problems in this church). Anger doesn’t produce God’s […]

Inviting God

ISAIAH 55 – Rev David Firth – Old Testament Tutor, St John’s Nottingham
One of the challenges I have faced in working at an Anglican institution is the requirement that in any service there is a reading from the Gospels. Now, as it happens I have no objection to reading the Gospels in church – but […]

‘I’m making a beautiful world’

I was doing my ‘I’m-busy-haven’t-a-moment-to-spare’ thing, which I lapse into as a minister from time to time. I swept past the table where one of my grandchildren, Seren was lost in painting a large picture on a long piece of wall-lining paper. She was singing away as she painted. I couldn’t stop – I had […]

Christmas everyday (by Helena Ibbotson)

As 2014 marches on, Christmas already seems a far distant memory. So what did Christmas leave us with? For perhaps the majority of people all that remains are a mixture of memories, good and not so good, a few extra material possessions and decorations put away for another year. Yet something momentous has happened, a […]

Hospitality – A Kingdom Secret

Teaching & reflection material based from Romans 12:13
Why is it with some people, if we share something, we come away feeling we’ve sorted something in our heads? But with others we come away still troubled? Amongst other factors in the first case there will be a spirit of Hospitality. We often don’t think of hospitality […]

Welcome Revolution

WELCOME REVOLUTION                                          
Teaching & reflection material based on Romans 15:7
The verse we look at today represents an astounding revolution. It was a revolution in the ancient world and it was a personal revolution for Paul. Here is one of the strictest of Jews keeping himself pure in his relationships with dodgy Jews & non-Jews. You […]

Welcoming Jesus?

Teaching & reflection material based on Matthew 11:20-30                                                                                                  
We’re developing our church’s welcome ministry over these next few months. So what does such a ministry look like? It’s not just about getting one or two things right to help feel welcome & integrated into church. It’s not about getting more ‘bums on seats’! […]

Solitude (by Helena Ibbotson)

‘We have the knowledge of speech but not of silence.’ T S Eliot The Rock

In our modern society people are increasingly losing their ability to recognise the need for silence and solitude in their lives. As the technological world advances with ever increasing speed, the pressure to be engaged in constant communication and the drive […]

What are you looking for?

First impressions are important. It’s commonly said we sum up a person in the first seven seconds of meeting them. True or not, I’d rather not our first meeting were after I’d stumbled out of bed in the morning! A person’s first words can have similar impact. John tells us Jesus’ first words to two […]