As a family church we welcome children. For us this is a real privilege and a great responsibility. You will see the varied groups below. Some are about our children meeting and relaxing together. Others are more energetic and activity based. While in others they learn together and can grow in their faith. In all of them, we want to see them having fun, being cared for and encouraged, learning about friendship and relationships in an atmosphere where each child is special, respected and valued as an individual. Look at what we offer for children during the week and on Sundays and if you want to know more about any of these contact – Jo Mizen



‘Toddlers’ is a special place. It is an opportunity for parents, grandparents or other carers to bring babies and young children to a friendly informal group where everyone is welcome and cared for. The children play with a range of toys, games and puzzles, including outdoor play equipment, ride on toys, play dough, painting and crafts.

As the children play the grown-ups get a chance to have a tea or coffee; to sit down and chat with old friends or a chance to make new ones. Before we finish we meet together for a sing song and the children have juice and biscuits.

The leaders are there to chat, play with the children, make drinks and help out wherever they can. You and the children in your care are always welcome to join us. We meet every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 1.30 – 2.45.


Monday Club

If your child is in Years 3,4,5 or 6 then Monday Club could be for them. It is a youth club, especially for this age with clear and simple aims – ‘fun and friendship’. They can come and meet friends, make friends and have a really good time.

Monday Club is different every week. We have crafts, sports, ready-steady-cook and film nights… as well as having games and activities available every week. At the beginning of each term we give out a programme of events so that everyone knows what is happening when. We also have a few minutes each week to think about faith and life and how it all fits together.

Monday Club is from 6pm to 7.30pm on a Monday (Surprise!!!) and costs £1.50 (including tuck)

Children on Sundays

Children are a hugely important part of our church family and so we aim to provide them with the very best care and attention. Our Sunday morning children’s work is split into 3 age groups. Minizone (0s to 5s), Whizz Kids (5-9s) and Extreme (9-11s).




If you have little ones up to the age of 5 then Minizone is the place for them to be on a Sunday morning – a place to play and make, a place to laugh and have fun – a place of care while parents and carers are in the service.

Together we get busy playing with cars, trains, animals, dolls, jigsaws, building bricks, play-dough, sticking, painting, baking and more. We listen and join in with a story, we sing and talk to God and have a drink and a biscuit. Minizone is a special place to play, learn and grow together.



Whizz Kids

Whizz kids is the place to be for 5-9 year olds- through songs, crafts, activities, games, drama and DVD we share together to discover and explore about life, growing and learning. We want the children to feel a sense of belonging and to grow spiritually. We share stories from the Bible, learn about Jesus and the things he did, pray and share our thoughts and ideas together. We want the children to begin to grasp that God’s word is special and relevant to their everyday lives in a way that is fun and memorable.




Xstream is for 9–11 year olds – as the children get older we want them to develop in their personal understanding and relationship with Jesus. In creative ways we encourage them to read the Bible, learn about Jesus and have a living relationship with Him. We place a lot of importance in trying to encourage them in a relationship with God that continues and grows from week to week.