wrbc_life_dgGrowing up I never knew anything about Christianity or the Church. I believed ‘normal’ people didn’t go to church; it was just for ‘religious’ people. I was brought up in Hackney (London), in a working class house which didn’t do God or anything like that. The only thing which I worshipped was my football team!

At the age of 13, my family was torn in half. My Mum and Dad were going to divorce. This devastating blow meant I was effectively left to be brought up by myself and my 15 year-old brother.

With my father now leading a new life somewhere and my Mum struggling to cope, the only adult who was really there for me was Ronnie – my half-brother’s dad. Whilst Ronnie had absolutely no duty to look after me, he wanted to, simply because he loved me. Ronnie had been in my life since I was born and had become like a second dad to me.

My adolescent years, I think, were quite typical; self-centred, hedonistic and generally only ever thinking about number one! Amazingly, I scraped through school and college and managed to secure myself a place at University; where I could start a new life. It was there, I would meet a beautiful girl called Rachel who would later become my wife!

I recall there was something different about Rachel, something welcoming, friendly and special. Strangely, I also recall meeting her father for the first time and thinking there was something different about him too. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that Rachel and her family were Christians.
A seminal moment in my life was the birth of our first daughter. Becoming a daddy was a particularly special moment for me – a chance to right all my father’s wrongs. My heart seemed to soften as a result of the miracle of new life.

During 2011 Ronnie died from pancreatic cancer. Immediately after his death I couldn’t help but think, ‘What is this all about? – What is life all about?’ I didn’t believe in God or the Christian faith despite my wife’s beliefs. In fact I didn’t really believe Jesus existed either. I had always disregarded the bible, even though I had never read it. Ronnie’s death was a catalyst. I wanted for the first time, to investigate whether there really was a God. Did Jesus really exist or was he a made up character like Superman?

I decided to attend two church events: The Case for Christ; reviewing historical facts and evidence for the existence of Jesus. Secondly, The Alpha Course. A short course, exploring what the Christian faith is all about. This opportunity allowed me and others to ask open questions in a confidential and informal environment that Sunday morning church services don’t allow.

The result? Simply, the FACTS and feelings I discovered during this time totally changed my core beliefs. My heart has been opened to an alternative – Jesus! He loves me despite all the bad things I have done. I feel a far greater sense of happiness and peace than I did before. Life has taken on a new and exciting journey.

Why not try the Alpha Course!