Jesus’ church is a family – but it’s not just for families. That’s what we seek to be. One day, when Jesus was told his mother and brothers were looking for him, he said: ‘Who are my mother and my brothers?’ He looked around at the people listening to him and went on, ‘Here are my mother and brothers! Whoever does the will of God is my brother, my sister and my mother.’

So whether it’s enjoying an evening together, learning together, being there for one another in tough times or listening, we express being God’s family. So whether you’re on your own or have a partner, young and old alike and all between, you are welcome.

But as a family-focused church we welcome lots of children, young people  and families into the activities we run. For us this is a real privilege and a great responsibility. Our activities and groups vary in what they are about and how they are organised. Some of them are about meeting and relaxing with each other, some are more energetic and activity based, some are about learning together and growing in faith. In all of them, we want to see people having fun, being cared for and encouraged, learning about friendship and relationships in an atmosphere where each person is special, respected and valued as an individual.

We have a desire to meet people where they are at. We are glad to journey alongside people learning about Jesus, getting to know Him, accepting and following Him and living to become more like Him. People are welcome to join our activities and groups wherever they are in this journey. So do search the website for more information about all the varied groups, activities and opportunities.