The church is shaped and organised around the three key relationships we have as followers of Jesus, who said we are to love God with all we are and our neighbour as ourselves. So Jesus said there are Up, In and Out dimensions in our lives




UP is our relationship with God – Father, Son and Spirit. You’ll find further information about things that will help you develop that relationship by clicking on the drop-downs of Shaped for Life, Home Groups and UP. You’ll also find blogs and articles on Soul Food which includes notes from Sunday teaching and reflection material for groups and individuals


IN is our relationship with one another in God’s family, the Church, and those closest to us. As well as the items on the IN drop-down, there is also some material that will help you develop your relationships with others on the Shaped for Life page

Finally there’s our OUT relationship within the wider community where we serve and witness to God’s love in Jesus Christ. The OUT page will give information about some of the activities and projects we are currently involved in. But your relationship in wider society is much wider than the church. There is your work and your leisure activities as well as any voluntary activity you may be involved with. The Shaped for Life page carries material that will help you reflect on all of that.