We meet together in smaller groups as well as on Sundays…

Through our small groups we’re able to care for one another. We share each other’s joy and difficulties. We also encourage each other to grow as followers of Jesus. Below are details of the various groups which will give you some ideas of their character. You are free to get in touch and to visit on a ‘just looking’ basis. You won’t offend anyone if you settle in another group. We want you to find a group that is right for you.

Martin & Sylvia’s group
– meeting fortnightly Monday evening.Martin-n-sylvia-w
We’re a relaxed, informal group – or so we’d like to think!  Anyone can share if they want. It might be simply in times of prayer or with readings. Some volunteer to lead an evening. It’s great to hear one another’s journey of faith!  Meetings include bible study, singing & praying, sharing our concerns. We have relaxed social evenings. Our aim is to support and encourage each other. We also keep a list of our prayer concern which is given to each member for on-going prayer. We update it the following meeting. We’re a mixed group. Some in their 40’s up to those in their 70’s. Of the 15 in our group about 10-12 come each meeting
Want to find out more? Contact Martin – marsyl2@talktalk.net – 01158370182

wrbc_hg_bag_smlBruce & Co. – meeting monthly, usually the second Wednesday evening
You’re more than welcome to join us. We are mature Christians. Although mainly elderly we are all active and responsive. Subjects range over a variety of spiritual, moral and practical issues. Time is given to prayer and pastoral concerns within the group, church and community.
Want to find out more? Contact Bruce by email on b.howarth1@fernwoodschool.org.uk or 07967 159 569

Denise and Andrew ClayAndrew & Denise’s group – meeting weekly on Wednesday evening.
As keeping in touch is important to us our evenings start with drinks and treats – often home made by group members – while we chat about our week at home and work. Generally we follow Sunday’s teaching theme but we also use dvd’s or downloads. Each week is led by a different group member. At the end of our talking we share any prayer items but as it is usually getting late we use e-mail to remind us to pray. We usually meet at homes where babysitters are needed. We enjoy family walks, bowling and meals together. We have a wide age range from those in their twenties all the way through to those in their late fifties
Want to find out more? Contact Denise– deniseclay57@googlemail.com 0115 955 9813

Sally, Rachel & BobBob & Sally’s group – meeting weekly on Wednesday evening.
We are a lively and caring group, ranging in age from late twenties to early seventies. When we get together we spend time in worship, prayer and looking at God’s word and how it applies to our lives, but we really value just getting together and leave space to chat and share. We place a lot of importance on being real, knowing how we are all doing and journeying through life with one another.
From time to time we try to get together with our families so that the sense of belonging includes partners and children. People are always welcome to bring along someone new to the group. Want to find out more?
Contact Bob – bn@dentisan.co.uk – 07976 800350

Brian & Katharine’s group
– meeting weekly on Thursday evening.
We are a diverse group with a passion for caring for others, whether that be in our ownBrian and Katharine community or further afield. Our meetings involve bible study, one night is given over to prayer, another night will be a social night. We are supportive of one another practically and prayerfully. We are a group young at heart whether we be in our 60’s + or early 20’s with both employed and unemployed, from nurses to retired school personnel, but we are all God’s children.
Want to know more? Contact Brian or Katharine – bnkcooper@ntlworld.com – 0115 9533166


Matt & JuMatt n Jue Newe’s group – meeting weekly on a Thursday evening.
We meet to encourage, inspire, support and pray for each other. During the evening we have drinks and snacks, we worship, watch/listen/read, discuss and pray. We learn together and share our thoughts and ideas about following Jesus and check out what the bible has to say. We give space to listen to God and hope to recognise, encourage and enable each other in the gifts that God has given us. We aim to be a blessing to each other, our families and our communities.
Want to know more? Contact Matt and Jue at info@wrbc.co.uk or 0115 8400225