punchinello spots So can a story written for children take us into a truth about God?

Last Sunday in The Hub we shared the story ‘You are special’ by Max Lucado. We heard the story of Punchinello, the little wooden person who had been given so many grey dots by other wooden people that he had come to believe that he was a rubbish wooden person and not special at all.
punchinello worthy

Thankfully he learnt that by going back each day, and spending time with the woodcarver who made him then eventually he would realise that he didn’t have to please other wooden people – because his maker thought he was special anyway.

Together we explored this story – we considered how we have all gone through life being given grey dots and gold stars (and also giving out a fair few). We thought about how all of them stick and bring their own pressures.

punchinello spot dropIn response we had a chance to come back to our maker, Father God, to leave our grey dots and gold stars with Him and recall the truth that he made us and loves us and sent Jesus to die for us. The way is open for every one of us to come back to Him our Heavenly Father.

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