Looking for a church to settle in? Attended a church in the past and thinking about returning to one now? Stirred to think about life more deeply? But which church? Here’s a little about what we make central in our life as it’s reflected in our church logo…


  • It says ‘You’re welcome!’
    – whether rich, poor or in between
    – whether no qualifications, post-grad twice over or in between
    – whether straight, gay or in between
    – whether pierced, painted, Prada or in between
    – whether zimmer-assisted, buggy-wheeled or in between
    – whether joy-filled, blues-soaked or in between
    – whether from outer Mongolia, inner Hebrides or in between
    – whether faith-filled, faith bankrupt or in between

You’re welcome as we follow the way to Jesus and of Jesus

  • It says we’re about serving our local community, the Hucknall area! Find out more about ways in which we serve the area (Link to Grow & Serve/Engage ministries)
  • But the figure suggests much more. Jesus Christ is central. He has outstretched hands. 2000 years ago he was murdered by being nailed to a cross by the leaders of his community. But as they were doing this, he said, ‘Father forgive them, they don’t realise what they’re doing.’ Through Jesus we are learning how to forgive as we learn we can be forgiven.
  • But Jesus Christ is also alive – raised from death by God, and he welcomes all into his inclusive community. He invites us to know love, forgiveness and the possibility of new life. (Pic. Shadow of main figure only of logo)
  • The figure also suggests someone praying or worshipping. We worship and serve him in praise and prayer. Like Jesus’ first followers we say, ‘Lord teach us to pray.’ And like a singer from ancient times, we sing, ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul.’

So you’re welcome to drop in or get stuck in! Visit or sign on!
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