Life’s always changing. So is our church family.  2016 will see changes in our Ministry Team.

Our Lead Minister, Stephen Ibbotson, will be retiring at some point during the first part of the year. He’s been in church leadership ministry for forty years! And he came to us to help the church move forward and prepare it for its aim to be an effective community church serving the town. So depending on when his successor is appointed he will leave us at some point between in the Spring to early Summer.

And Jamie McSeveney, who has been our Youth Worker for nearly three years now, will be emigrating with his American wife, Rachel, and their two boys, Ami & Kyrie, to the USA. She goes with the boys in April and when Jamie gets his visa, he will be following on by June.

Meanwhile, Sally Newsome alone remains! But she’s ably assisted by Helen Branson and together with the rest of the leadership, we are looking forward to welcoming a new Lead Minister & Youth Worker.

We’re currently advertising for both roles as well as using the Baptist Union national settlement process to find our next Lead Minister. And if you are interested or know of someone who may be interested please guide them to our Vacancies page

Onwards and forward to our future, as we don’t believe it’s ‘back to the future’!