AR 1415

It really is a piece of work which starts in January time and ends in a rush by the Annual General Meeting!  I am of course talking about the Annual Report or ‘Partnership‘ – ‘Our life together‘ as it is called this year.

Requesting photos and then sending proformas with this years’ questions and waiting for them to come back, collecting quotes and then finally the labour of love in putting it all together in one fabulous document.  Editing this years document has been the hardest to cut and reorganise some reports.  This is especially due to one authors response being ‘writing this made me cry, we have achieved so much‘ . So you can imagine how lovely it is to see all of the heartfelt and prayful reports being tied together and in some instances we see them crossover showing how the work we do at Watnall Road quite often interlinks with each other in some way, shape or form.

So click here to read about ‘Our life together