When you see someone playing a game or an instrument well you know there’s been a lot of practice to make perfect. So it is with life generally. We can learn the art of living well. We’ve identified three particular skills to help you live your life: learning, balance and rhythm. Below are various PDF files you can download.


We use this image of Jesus on the Emmaus Road with two of his followers – read about the incident in Luke 24:13-35 – to remind us of the one alongside us in our lives and to be daily conscious of him as our living Saviour and Lord

Introducing Life Groups tells you about these groups, what they do and how they operate. They explain the basic three shapes we use to reflect on life: the circle of learning; the triangle of balanced relationships and the semi-circle of the rhythm of rest and work.
pdf_download_icon(Download PDF: ‘Introducing Life Groups’)

Kairos – Kingdom lessons in daily life looks in a little more detail at the circle. It tells you how we can turn daily experiences into everyday learning opportunities to transform our lives.
pdf_download_icon(Download PDF: ‘Kairos’)

Personal reflection questions is a simple set of questions to help you become self-aware of balancing three main areas of relationship. There’s our relationship with God (UP); our relationship with those closest to us in family and church (IN) and finally our relationships in our daily lives in society.
pdf_download_icon(Download PDF: ‘Personal reflection questions’)

Question from God to you is similar to the reflection questions, but this time gets you to think about those same relationships from God’s perspective.
pdf_download_icon(Download PDF: ‘Questions from God to you’)

Keeping rhythm helps us reflect about work-life balance issues and how this is God’s wisdom for our lives.
pdf_download_icon(Download PDF: ‘Keeping Rhythm’)