We meet together in smaller groups as well as on Sundays.

Through our small groups we’re able to care for one another. We share each other’s joy and difficulties. We also encourage each other to grow as followers of Jesus.

We have two kinds of small groups.
First there are Home Groups made up of women and men. These groups are larger ranging from 8 to 20 people. All of them seek to care, share and encourage. But they each have their own character and meet on different days of the week. Some meet weekly, some every fortnight while there’s one monthly group.
You can find out more about each group and a person to contact if you’re interested in trying a group. Please feel free to visit the various groups. Go on a ‘just looking’ basis. Everyone knows we work this way and you won’t offend anyone if you settle in a different group! We want you find what’s right for you.
If you’re not sure which group to try first have a chat with a member of the Ministry Team, Simon or Sally . They will make some suggestions.

We also have Life Groups
These are smaller and normally made up of either men or women and range from 3-6 individuals. There are some couples that meet and these Life Groups could be larger. We keep them small because we’re seeking to actively help one another learn from the varied experiences we go through, the feelings these things evoke, to discover how God is at work or wants to work in our lives. They are about discovering God’s life in the midst of our lives – hence their name. They need the intimacy and consistency of a smaller group. They always involve prayer for one another. Everything shared in these groups is confidential. They express what we call ‘high accountability but low control.’ They’re not about telling one another what to do. But they are about helping each of us stay on course to work out those things each sees as God’s call in their lives. You can find out much more detail about these groups by looking at the ‘Shaped for Life’ material we’ve prepared to help these groups work as they should