Current series – Christianity – Plain & Simple

‘Keep it simple please!’ You’ve said this when you’re learning something for the first time. Complexity blows your mind. That comes when you progress. But even then, it’s good to get back to that basic simplicity. This is certainly true of the Christian faith.

Our Autumn series takes us on that journey – Christianity stripped back to its basics. So whether your just looking at spiritual things for the first time, or an old timer, we’re going for Christianity – plain and simple. And above all we’ll find what difference it makes to be a Christian today – it has to offer this!

Sep 6th      What’s all this God stuff?

Sep 13th     The human enigma

Sep 20th     The Hub at Harvest

Sep 27th     Down to earth

Oct 4th        The crossing place

Oct 11th       Life beyond limits

Oct 18th      The Hub

Oct 25th      The inside job

Nov 1st        Entering in

Nov 8th       The co-op movement

Nov 15th      The Hub

Nov 22nd     All change!


Nov 29th      What a hope!

Dec 6th         Prep time

Dec 13th       Receiving Jesus

Dec 20th       The Hub

Carol Service  @4pm

Dec 25th        Born in us today

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Pentecost Series – This Strange Power
This series starts on what the Church world-wide calls ‘The Day of Pentecost’ – the day we celebrate the coming of God’s Spirit.

May 24th      Getting sloshed – God’s way! Acts 1 &2
May 31st        Receiving the gift        Acts 2:38
Jun 7th           Full-up                         Acts 4:8 & 31; 6:3
Jun 14th        Christian Aid focus with Claire Bampton
Jun 21st         The Hub
Jun 28th       An obedient Spirit        Acts 5:32
Jul 5th           Spirit living – a model  Acts 6-7
Jul 12th         Not having it                  Acts 8:4-25
Jul 19th         The Hub

Walk the Walk

April 26th     It’s a new walk     Romans 6:3
May 3rd         It’s a Spirit walk  Romans 8:4
May 10th       It’s a loving walk  Romans 14:15
May 17th       The Hub – He’s got the whole world in his hands! We welcome BMS Action Team

The pattern of Jesus
This series explores how our lives are richest and on track as we live by The pattern of Jesus

22nd Feb Tempted – Wilderness
1st March Rejected – Nazareth
8th March Disclosure – Transfiguration
15th March The Hub  ‘Ray of Sunshine’
22nd March Suffering – Caesarea Philippi
29th March Approval – Jerusalem
5th April Vindication – The garden

All together now!
Someone once said: ‘In and through community lies the salvation of the world.’ It’s both an exciting and a depressing idea at the same time! On the one hand what could be more exciting than human beings getting it together? But how far have we got? As we start the New Year we’ll be thinking about God’s Church as the community where we learn to get it together as disciples of Jesus. We are called to be the model of a new humanity. That’s quite a vision and challenge.

January 4        Imagining togetherness                       Ephesians 1:10 & John 17:20-24
January 11      Why we divide                                        1 Corinthians 1:10-17
January 18      Fellowship of the broken                     1 John 1:1-2:2
January 25      Weeping & rejoicing – empathy        Romans 12:15 & Matthew 9:35-38
February 1      Hurt & healed? – forgiveness              Matthew 18:17-27
February 8      Giving & receiving – ministry             1 Corinthians 12
February 15    The Hub – Exploring life together

What a life! – downloading daily issues
Life is bewildering at times. We all need wisdom to help us cope and overcome its challenges as well as make the most of its blessings. We take the stuff of everyday life and see how God can help us in practical ways.

Sept 7: ‘Only a bit of paper?’ – Marriage
Sept 14:’It’s child’s play’ Really?! – Children
Sept 21: ‘Money makes the world go round – Wealth & money
Sept 28: The Hub – all age exploration of everyday issues – and our harvest thanksgiving
Oct 5: ‘Family fortunes’ – Family life
Oct 12: ‘Friends, enemies and angels’ – Relationships
Oct 19: The Hub – I am Collecting gold stars and grey spots
Oct 26: ‘All in a day’s work.’ – Work and ambition
Nov 2: ‘Growing old gracefully’ What chance? – Aging
Nov 9: ‘Dying to meet you’ – Death and dying
Nov 16: The Hub – all age exploration of everyday issues

 Songs of life

The Psalms are ‘an anatomy of the soul’. This was John Calvin’s – a well known bible teacher from the 16th century – way of describing how this book in the Bible explores all kinds of human conditions and feelings. We dive into the glory and mess of these songs that were part of Israel’s old hymn book. Would we sing songs like these?

Aug 3rd: Psalm 109 – Vengeance: ours and God’s
Aug 10th: Psalm 90 – Timely wisdom
Aug 17th: Psalm 116 – So raise your glasses
Aug 24th: Psalm 87 – This is where we all belong!
Aug 31st: Psalm 1 – The big choice

Prayer images
Telling stories is a wonderful way of sharing truth and experience. And this is what Israel did when they shared their faith. And right at the heart of this was their sense of relating with God, their Maker and Redeemer. We look at three such stories about that relationship – they take us on a journey of exploration about the nature and variety of prayer.

May 11th: Presence Genesis 28:10-22
May 18th: Wrestling Genesis 32:22-32
May 25th: The Hub – The new name for our All-Age services. Shoeless  Exodus 3
Jun 1st: Hands up Exodus 17:8-16

…but by my Spirit
It’s a radically different way of living God invites us to share with him! It’s a life lived by the power of God’s Spirit. But what does this mean in practice for us today? As we celebrate Pentecost we continue in the Old Testament to discover the way they talk about God’s Spirit. We find the hints in Israel’s Bible – hints that will flower fully in the New Testament – which paint an exciting landscape that we explore in our walk with God.

Jun 8th: The promised One Joel 2:28
Jun 15th: The creative One Gen 1:2; Psalm 104:30
Jun 22nd: The Hub …into shape…
Jun 29th: The inspiring One Exodus 35:31
Jul 6th: The inside One Ezekiel 36:26
Jul 13th: The life-giving One Ezekiel 37
Jul 20th: But by my Spirit Zechariah 4
Jul 27th: The Hub – In Safe Hands

This is the Life!
We return to our series looking at how John told the story of Jesus. And during the period leading up to Easter – in the worldwide Church this is called Lent – we look at the chapters in John’s gospel about the days before Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. We’re giving the series this title because John told us why he wrote what he did: ‘that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.’ The whole gospel shares ‘This is the life!’

March 2nd: The Fall
March 9th: The Anointing
March 16th: The Washing
March 23rd: All-age – Mending our brokenness
March 30th: The Failure
April 6th: The Way
April 13th: Baptism
April 20th: The New Creation
April 27th: All-age – Finding Buried Treasure
May 4th: The Encounters

‘Big Welcome!’ – January 5-February 23

Welcoming one another and strangers is not just a smart way of winning friends and influencing people. It reflects God’s deepest purpose for human beings, and he wants all involved, first by being welcomed and then in the movement of welcome Jesus started millennia ago. It’s still going and growing. You’re welcome to join us all on the journey of welcoming!

January 5th: Welcoming Jesus?
January 12th: The welcome revolution
January 19th: Hospitality – a kingdom secret
January 26th: All Age Service – the Big Welcome
February 2nd: Inviting God
February 9th: Quick to listen
February 16th: One day – a welcoming world
February 23rd: All Age Service – The Choice is yours…

The Hub

On the 3rd Sunday of each month from October 2014 we have a different kind of event. Sally (our Children’s and Family Worker) and Jamie (our Youth Worker), lead us on a theme that connects with all of us. The church is turned into a café and in this relaxed environment we learn in worship & prayer, through activities and a short message, things to help and encourage.