wrbc_church_sideTouring our future?

We want to serve and share! Our commitment to this pathway was renewed in 2010: to serve Hucknall and share something of the many blessings we’ve discovered through faith in Jesus Christ. Last year (2014) we decided to explore two things that may be involved in doing this: resourcing ministry amongst the growing number of those who’ve retired from work, and developing our building. This virtual tour is about what we could do with our building as part of our calling and vision. We want it to be public community space, and not just private religious space.  Wouldn’t it be great if the wider community felt able to enter this building as freely as they would go into the library or their bank. ‘This is our place not just your place.’ That’s not the case at present because, despite us knowing we have open doors and hearts, and some enter already, it still gives off the message: ‘This is religious space for the faithful.’

It’s a tale of two halves

Here’s your chance to look at the first ideas the architect has suggested to us. Our church building is already a wonderful space with its coffee shop and the beautiful sanctuary-auditorium. Previous generations have given us a wonderful resource, well-developed and maintained. Many visitors comment on how inviting these areas are. But walk into the back and it’s another world. The architect’s brief was to bring the back of our building up to the standard as the front.

A community welcome

But start your tour from the street at the front of the church. The community entrance is brought forward closer to the street. People walk into an inviting corridor with an interesting roofline flooded with light from above. There’s a glass link break-out to your left from the church, providing free movement to the rear of the building. The new corridor then leads towards the current stairs into a much-enlarged community reception (G2 disappears) with natural light from above. This space would have a lift to the upper hall, direct access to pre-school/toddler/Mini-Zone room (G1 & G3). It would also lead to the current rear corridor, and access to what is currently Stephen’s office, which we may make the general admin office where Helen would be readily available to visitors. Now look at the plan of these areas.

Community Entrance Walk Through (Converted)
Elements.2 New Community Entrance Plans A3
Elements.2 New Community Entrance Views A3
Elements.6 New Community Reception A3

Exploring the back

Move now into what is called ‘the nursery’ area where Mini-Zone & Toddlers meet – mainly cosmetic work to improve acoustics and increase storage. One of the most creative features of the plan is to use the current link-corridor from the church (redundant in this plan), together with the current music store space, to create the ladies toilets to the same standard as the gents! We’ve been listening! It meets a real need for accessible up-graded ladies toilets. Look at the plans for this area.

Nursery Fly Through (Converted)
Elements.7 Nursery Plan A3
Element 10 Ladies Toilets

You can also take a look upstairs as well. The leaders aren’t convinced this is the right lay-out. We’d like to see a disabled toilet up there, a simpler kitchen & smaller lounge seating area, along with a greater variety of room sizes. But the window looking down from the upper hall into the sanctuary-auditorium, brings the two halves of the building together.

Community Hall Walk Through (Converted)

So to get a total picture take a look at the overall plans of the whole space.

Elements.8 Upper Community Hall Plan A3
F.06 Proposed Floor Plans A1

What do you think?

To enable the above to happen we’d need to create offices at the front in the tower. Stephen, Sally and Jamie would have offices on the ground and first floors. The full study has further details including renewal of windows, maintenance of the roof and further improvements to the foyer. It’s available in the office. Do let us know what you think.

Elements.1 New Admin Office A3