Jesus said he came to bring us life – fullness of life! It’s not all about what happens to us when we die. Sure! It does have something wonderful to say about that, but it has far more to say about a different way of life now.

So we are a community that helps one another discover and explore that rich, full life which Jesus offers to everyone. You can read some personal stories of folk. Look at the bottom of the home page

But like everything in life that’s done well, we have to learn the art of living well. So we want to develop skills for everyday life. We’ve identified three particular skills that can help everyone: learning, balance and rhythm.


Jesus called his followers, ‘learners’ or ‘disciples’ – that’s what the word means. What were they learning about? Jesus talked about people entering what he called ‘the kingdom of God.’ It was his way of saying God’s way of life is different and it’s good. We use a simple learning circle



feat_img_03Second, we all need to keep a balance in our lives. We hear a lot today about a balanced diet. Well it’s the same with life generally. Jesus famously taught we need to love God and our neighbour. We encourage one another to relate to God (we call this our UP relationship), to those closest to us in our families and church (we call that our IN relationship), and thirdly to those we meet day to day (we call that our OUT relationship). To help us keep balanced we use a triangle



Finally we try to help one another maintain a rhythm in our lives, making sure we rest and relax as well as work.

We’re helping one another get ‘shaped for life’. As Jesus came and talked with the disciples of the road to Emmaus, we get alongside one another on our life’s journeys.


what_were_aboutClick here to find out more about these life-skills. And if you want to take this further personally you can join a Life Group. We also have Home Groups.
We serve the community of Hucknall alongside other churches of the area with which we co-operate closely. We also have a whole variety of our own groups that serve different needs. You might want to join a group or find out how you can serve in one of these. Explore these groups and ministries at your leisure.