Room Rental at WRBC 

We have a great space here at WRBC and we'd like to share that with our community.

Coffee Shop/Foyer - A bright and welcoming space which has a capacity of 26.  Perfect for meetings or small gatherings. This area boasts a small kitchen with a coffee machine which can be hired as part of the room rental.  For more information and prices please contact us.
Coffee shop foyer foyer kitchen 2

The Sanctuary - A great space for larger gatherings, meetings, concerts, exercise and twice a year hosts the Hucknall Preschool Playgroup's presentation for parents.  All chairs downstairs are movable so this is a great flexible space. the capacity here is 220 seated.  the doors between the Sanctuary and the Foyer are bi-fold opening up the space and increasing it's capacity. For more information and Prices Please contact us.
sanctuary 6

Sactuary 6

sanctuary 5

G1 - This is the home of Hucknall Preschool Playgroup and Toddlers during the week. However, this is a great space for children's parties as it has a neighbouring kitchen which can be hired for food preparation. this space has a total capacity of 40. For more information and prices please contact us
G1 a

G1 f

G1 g


main kitchen 2

Upstairs Hall and Lounge - A versatile space which is spacious and light. often used for exercise classes, parties & meetings. This is home to our Thursday evening youth group Explore and has a total capacity of 72. This space also has a small kitchen. For more information and prices please contact us
Hall 3

hall 2

upstairs 1

upstairs 3 (2)

upstairs kitchen 2